Unique Features of LVD

Super long life, high lumen efficacy, high power factor, constant lumen output, high stability, high CRI, low harmonic content, instant start up at low temperature, wide range of CCT, instant re-start up, no flicker and no glare. LVD induction lamp provide customers with a lot of benefits including high energy efficiency and largely reducing the cost of relamping and maintenance etc. LVD induction lamp fully complies with the standard of CCC, UL, CE, FCC, SON, KETI etc. Induction lamps with different datas can fully meet a wide range of the applications like indoor or outdoor lighting, industrial and institutional as well as infrastructure lighting. While the incandescent lamps are banned to be put into application, LVD induction lamp is the best light source with high energy efficiency at present and has been the ideal product for the operation of the EMC(Energy Management Contract).

Key technical features of LVD induction lamp:

  • Super long life, 5 years warranty,maintenance free
  • High power factor > 0.99, high energy efficient
  • Excellent CRI
  • Light power efficacy 80lm/watt
  • Working frequency: 230 khz
  • Lumen maintenance rate: 2000hrs@95%
  • No glare, soft light, eye sight protection
  • Easy installation with E27 lamp base
  • Amalgam < 5mg, greatly lower than FL
  • L level of harmonic content, eco-friendly
  • Unique patented-chip technology, instant start up, workable under -25°
  • Electronic ballast with open or short circuit protection
  • Wide voltage for American and European voltage style, stable wattage output, no influence caused by the voltage fluctuation



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