Induction Flood Light Model 0553-3 (17"x18")

  • Flood Light Model 0553-3 Fixture
  • Tubes + Ballasts
induction light flood

Key Specs & Features

  • No. 0553-3
  • Model: LVD-ZS43000
  • Category: Flood Light
  • Light Source: Rectangle Tube - 120W, 150W
  • Dimension: 418x460x160 (16.5"x18.1"x6.3")
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Weight: 12.7 LB (ReferenceOnly)
  • Package Dimension: 400x330x155mm


Download: IES File | Cut Sheet induction light cut-sheet


Light Fixture Construction

  • High pressure die-casting aluminum cover, corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • Electrostatic spray surface
  • Imported mirror surface aluminum reflector with excellent reflection effect and optical properties
  • Match LVD rectangle tube


Building floodlighting, Building landscape, Parking Lots.

photometric induction lamp
Tube Category Luminous Flux Tube Dimension Rated Wattage
Smart Dragon LVD-WJY120JW1 9600 320x140x99 120W
Smart Dragon LVD-WJY150JW1 12000 320x140x99 150W


Ballast Operating voltage Current Power Factor Operating Temperature Basic Frequency
LVD-WJ220/50-120DJF 175-265V 0.59A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ220/50-150DJF 175-265V 0.74A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ277/60-120DJF 230-305V 0.47A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ277/60-150DJF 230-305V 0.59A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ347/60-120DJF 305-382V 0.38A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ347/60-150DJF 305-382V 0.47A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz




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