Induction Flood Light Model 05-003 (Φ23")

  • Flood Light 05-003
  • Tubes + Ballasts
induction flood light

Key Specs & Features

  • No. 05-003
  • Model: LVD-ZS53000
  • Category: Flood Light
  • Light Source: Circle Tube - 200W, 300W
  • Dimension: H580xP700xL490mm (H22.8" x P27.5" x L19.3")
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Weight: 33 LB (ReferenceOnly)
  • Package Dimension: 680x680x560mm


Download: IES File | Cut Sheet induction light cut-sheet


Light Fixture Construction

  • High pressure die-casting aluminum electrical box
  • High temperature resistant silicon rubber and tempered glass
  • Match LVD Circle Series Lamp.



Building floodlighting, Building landscape, Parking、Billboards, Stadium and other indoor and outdoor environments

photometric induction


induction lamp tube Tube Category Luminous Flux Tube Dimension Rated Wattage
Circle LVD-WJY200HW1 16000 Φ314xH110mm 200W
Circle LVD-WJY300HW1 26000 Φ388xH110mm 300W


Ballast Operating voltage Current Power Factor Operating Temperature Basic Frequency
LVD-WJ220/50-200DJF 175-265V 0.98A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ220/50-300DJF 175-265V 1.47A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ277/60-200DJF 230-305V 0.78A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz
LVD-WJ347/60-200DJF 305-382V 0.62A 0.98 -30~122°F 225kHz





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